Why Loose Leaf Tea is Better than Tea Bags

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Drinking tea is a very popular option these days. It’s a refreshing drink, and there’s a wide variety of flavors to choose from. Tea also helps in boosting your health.

And it sure is convenient that you can just use a tea bag to quickly brew a cup of tea. You just need to let the tea bag sit in the cup of boiling water for a few minutes, and voila! You end up with a great drink, like magic.

There’s no fussy preparation needed. And there’s no mess to deal with when you’re done preparing the tea. Just take the tea bag out and dispose of it.

In addition, you’re virtually guaranteed the same taste and flavor when you use the same brand and version of tea. That means if you’ve picked a tea bag flavor you really like, then you get that flavor each time you brew a cup.

All in all, tea bags should the obvious pick over the loose-leaf method of brewing tea. Even the old complaints regarding tea bags no longer apply.

Many tea bag manufacturers now use high quality tea leaves in tea bags. You don’t have to settle for small, broken tea leaves known as “dust” that can taste really flat.

Traditionalists have also complained about how the small tea bag size limits the infusion ability. Again, modern tea bag makers have taken note of this and now produce much roomier tea bags to allow the tea leaves more room for expansion.

Yet, many tea experts still cling to the loose-leaf option when brewing a cup. Which makes the rest of us ask: why?

Better Taste

According to many tea experts, tea brewed from loose leaf is simply more flavorful than tea bags. But is this really true?

It actually depends on the quality of your taste buds. Many tea newbies can’t really taste the difference between the two options. And if that’s the case, then it makes sense to just stick with the more convenient tea bag.

In addition, some tea drinkers pour quite a bit of milk and sugar in their tea. That just makes the tea taste the same, regardless of the brewing method.

But many tea fans have more refined palettes. They react to the taste of tea bag tea much like a food would regard eating fast food. It’s simply not the same for these tea experts.

Tea bags makers, as we’ve mentioned, also strive to offer the same taste for each tea bag you use. But when you use loose leaf, the taste subtly changes each time. That’s because you don’t use the same amount of tea leaves each time.

That means you get a surprise every time you brew a cup of tea using loose leaf. You don’t really know what taste you’ll get, though with proper preparation and high-quality tea leaves, you always get “good” tea.

The Sense of Tradition

Using loose leaf to brew tea takes more steps, and the whole process takes on a ritualistic aspect. What happens is that the whole thing transcends the simple event of just drinking a cup of tea. The loose-leaf ritual makes the act of drinking tea a sublime experience.

This is why you don’t use tea bags when you go through formal tea ceremonies. You use loose leaf instead. The whole ritual connects to the old days, and makes the entire experience something you share with loved ones, old comrades, and new friends.

In many ways, the old-fashioned sense of loose leaf is more inspiring because it’s part of tradition. That’s why wristwatch collectors continue to value mechanical watches over more accurate digital quartz gizmos. It’s why book lovers who now use e-book readers still savor the feel of actual books in their hands.

A ritual is a great way to start your day, as it settles you down and gives you a sense of equanimity. A tea bag works when you’re harried and late for school or the office. But if you’ve planned things properly, then you have enough time for loose leaf brewing, and you enjoy the serenity that you carry for the rest of the day.

Final Words

At the end of the day, the choice between loose leaf tea and tea bags depends on your personal preferences. What do you prefer?

So, if it’s simply about convenience for you, then go right ahead with your tea bags. You save a lot of time and effort.

But for many tea fans, it’s not about just the ease of preparing it. The taste and the ritualistic aspects all come together to create a sublime experience. Using loose leaf is the connoisseur’s approach to drinking tea, and for true fans, it’s the only way to drink tea.